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Unbroken Chain Podcast

Sep 17, 2019

Maria Benardis is a Gourmand Award winning author, health coach, teacher, chef, and founder of Greekalicious. After a high flying career in tax accounting led Maria into grave illness and western cancer treatments ravaged her body, she left it all behind and poured herself into healing in body, mind, and spirit by following the intuitive wisdom of the ancient Greek philosophers. She is the author of “My Greek Family Cookbook” and is currently writing a memoir about her healing journey. She now offers coaching and consulting services to help others seeking to radically step into health. In this conversation she advocates for our sovereign right to direct connection with higher power, and shares her perspective on “diet” culture, "natural" food marketing, cutting the cord of intergenerational abuse, and the true meaning of bliss. You can find Maria at and on facebook and instagram. More podcasts on all platforms and

[“Have a Talk with God” - Stevie Wonder]